Trouble With Your Dimmable LEDs?

LED lighting can be difficult to understand sometimes. With all the new products and options available you'd think the technology would be point-and-click by now, but it isn't. Even simple mistakes (OK ... stupid mistakes) are made everyday by pros that should know better.

9 things you should understand about LED before going into your remodel.

1. LED lighting is more expensive than incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen.

2. Title 24 requirements in CA are strict and dictate how much LED you must use to pass inspection.

3. Hardwired LED lights are different from LED replacement bulbs.

ps - the bulbs don't count toward Title 24

4. Not all LED lights are dimmable (see video above)

5. Not all dimmers are compatible with LED even if said LED lights are dimmable.

6. The LED light source is often integrated to the fixture. That means replacing the whole fixture or housing, if it goes bad. However, they're supposed to last so long you won't need to.

7. Attractive LED bulbs are being made that simply screw into your standard incandescent bases. Some of them even have the pretty Edison filament.

8. Choose warmer color temperatures up to 3000k to avoid the "cold, clinical" look sometimes associated with LED.

9. Watts are not equivalent between LED and incandescent. Pay attention to lumens instead.

Here are some resources for your quest to true LED understanding! - source for vintage style LED bulbs

Five things to consider before buying LED bulbs - c|net article

Green Building Resource, Santa Monica - you can get your code questions answered here - information on LED energy efficiency

How to choose recessed LEDs - ylighting

Like anything in the renovation process, its never quite as simple as you think its going to be. But knowledge combined with experience makes the process easier. If you want more tips to help you rule your renovation, don't forget to subscribe below.

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