3 Ideas For Mudroom or Entry Seating

I can't begin to count how many times I put on and take off my shoes throughout a day. Working from home I'm always running from office to job site, to store, not to mention taking the trash out, bringing in the groceries, walking the dogs. That would be a lot of tracking dirt inside the house!

It's so essential to create a handy space for this daily occurrence and the mudroom or everyday entryway to your home is the perfect place. Here are 3 ideas and a nifty little rhyme to live by.

Idea 1. Create a custom built-in bench with shoe storage below

Idea 2. Have a stool or chair and store shoes inside a cabinet

Idea 3. Use a freestanding bench or chest than doubles as storage.

These are the kind of little design ideas that make a BIG difference in our day-to-day life. After all, that's what design is for, making life better! If you want more tips to help you rule your renovation and create a home you love, don't forget to subscribe below.

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