I LOVE paint!  Paint is an incredible transformational tool that is quickly and easily at your disposal.  With all the thousands of colors available it's easy to feel like a kid in a crayon store - oh the pretty things you will draw!  

Of course that initial r...

I can't begin to count how many times I put on and take off my shoes throughout a day.  Working from home I'm always running from office to job site, to store, not to mention taking the trash out, bringing in the groceries, walking the dogs.  That would be a lot of tra...

LED lighting can be difficult to understand sometimes.  With all the new products and options available you'd think the technology would be point-and-click by now, but it isn't.  Even simple mistakes (OK ... stupid mistakes) are made everyday by pros tha...

Have you heard of that there are three layers of lighting to consider when designing your lighting plan?  If you are remodeling an old home with crappy lighting (you know, bad popcorn ceilings with one measly ceiling light) then you need to watch this before you talk t...

My love affair with closet organizing dates back way before I'd been introduced to Closet Factory.  I just can't get enough of their perfectly organized spaces and they invited me to the showroom to share some of my favorite tips for keeping things neat and tidy!





I find travel such an amazing source of inspiration for creativity and design.  Nature provides an endless source of colors and textures to consider.


Just the sheer amount of variance in the shades of blue in the ocean or the morning sky always astounds me.  It makes m...

You can either fight the Southern California drought or you can embrace all the beauty (and practicality) that native and drought tolerant succulents have to offer us here in sunny socal!





Do you have a favorite hue?

You can bet that I sure do.

My two hues are red and blue?

Now tell me, how about you?


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